Friday, October 18, 2019

Small Shop Halloween!

I have to be honest, Halloween is just not my favorite holiday anymore. It just feels so commercialized and the box-store costumes are less than impressive.....which is what Merce, Jax and Skylar ALWAYS wanted as soon as they were able to choose their own. 
So, we asked our customers to send us their past and present Halloween costumes using small shop/boutique clothing, rather than store bought costumes, and we received some absolutely amazing costume ideas!
Marionette Doll using an Eleanor Rose dress
Dorothy using Nelly Madison Clothing Company dress
Merce & Me socks and tank
Calista & Co Necklace
Ellie J Avenue Bow 
Witch using Merce & Me Black dress & olive tee and leggings
Target $1 spot socks 

Little Red Riding Hood using a Nelly Madison Clothing Co. dress.

The CUTEST little 80s check ever.
Merce & Me leggings
Hand-painted shoes by her mom. 
Kitty featuring a black peplum from Little Fashionista Boutique
mom-made tutu 
Nightmare Before Christmas sisters!
Love their use of solid layering pieces for warmth
under their costumes from Faryn Eagen. 

Scarecrow featuring Little Fashionista Hoodie and Leggings.
Isn't she the cutest little Doll?!
Nelly Madison Clothing Co dress
Merce & Me socks
Old Navy shoes
Maleficent using a Dollcake dress 
The seriously cutest Good Witch/Bad Witches EVER.  featuring Bijou Sauvage Clothier
I spy some Nathalie Verlinden boots in there too
I'm a HUGE fan of stealing from other holidays for Halloween costumes!
This little Easter Bunny is wearing Nelly Madison Clothing Co dress,
Avry Couture Bunny ears
Joyfolie gladiators 

The easiest costume ever. lol.
White Nelly Madison Clothing Co dress
Joyfolie Gladiators
Wings and halo from Amazon for like $5. 
Our take on Elfaba.
Nelly Madison Clothing Co dress
We Love Color tights (I think. it's been a while)
Buzz Lightyear by Placard Originals
Custom dyed socks from Merce & Me
Pepe Boots 

I absolutely love all these small shop/out of the box costumes! We definitely will be asking for customer pics every.single.year for a small shop Costume Parade! Do you have a costume featuring a small shop? Send it over and we will file it away for our next parade:
(emailing your photo to us indicates consent for use by Merce & Me, LLC)

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Merce & Imaginative Play

One of my favorite things about kids are their imaginations.  They are full of wonder and excitement, and unbridled energy. They see a cloud shaped like an elephant and can make an entire story up to go along with it...and if its one of my kids, they will ramble through this story for an hour, forgetting the beginning and middle by the time they are at the end of the story.   I strongly believe that its our job as parents, caretakers, educators, family members, etc to foster this creativity and imagination...especially now in this convenient world of Fortnite, YouTube, and Netflix, as the need for imaginative play for entertainment is no longer a necessity. 

I don't talk about my 'former life' often. It usually results in an awkward "have you been judging me?!" moment of silence in real life conversations. No. I don't judge. I ANALYZE. There's a difference...yep. a big difference. 😂😂 Anyhow, I spent a good decade as a mental health clinician providing therapeutic services and psychological/psycho-educational/diagnostic evaluations primarily working with children & adolescents. And now I teach graduate level counseling students. So, I feel pretty credible when I say imaginative play is essential to a child's healthy and fulfilled development. It's so much more than just entertaining themselves. It's about communication skills, problem solving, empathy, and even social skills. And you know what, you can learn a lot about your kiddo when you observe or join in on their imaginative play. They can take charge and feel empowered in a world where, let's face it, they don't get the chance to be in control very often.  

Dolls are so much more than a toy. Imaginative play with dolls aids in developing and expressing empathy and sympathy for others. It's about communication of wants and needs and exerting authority, self-discovery and the development of confidence and self-esteem & -efficacy. And darn it, isn't it just the cutest thing ever?

Very soon, you will start to find themed 'boxes' on our website filled with items for imaginative play. We will give you a topic in the title on the site, but the rest will be a mystery. Each item carefully made, or chosen, for your child to create their own world of play with. These are special collaborative boxes from our handmade Love, Nana collection and our favorite woodworking artisan, The Knotty Burl, plus other items we see or find that we feel could be the perfect accent piece. Each box contains one of a kind items, while there may be similar themed boxes, no two will be the same. 

We have already started the process, and hope to have the first box ready to go very soon. We are so excited about this collaborative effort and cannot wait to start seeing these boxes in action!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Merce & Me + Menu Planning

Well. Merce, Jax and the 16 yr old man-child are all back in school. Which is bittersweet. I miss their faces, and then they get home completely overwhelmed with life and homework, and then I want to send them back to school. 😂 Just kidding. Maybe. I'll never tell.

One of the hardest things about school being back in session, is the barrage of activities that comes with it. We have baseball, softball, and football schedules to work around, on top of homework, church, and my own class schedule. Because of this chaos, our dinner plans suffer. And by suffer I mean it gets expensive and we end up wasting food from the grocery store and eating out way too much.

I've found that planning the menu saves us during our crazy busy times! And even when we are not crazy busy I just like to have a plan. For everything. Always. Drives my husband crazy. But you know what doesn't drive the husband crazy? Having dinner on the table.

I thought I would share our menu for September. I try to utilize easy to make leftovers throughout the month to cut down on prep time and get us eating quicker.

I like to print calendars from It's free, quick and easy and they have nice big squares to write in. 
9/1--Turkey kielbasa bought from the store cooked in just a bit of olive oil and seasoned salt and pepper. I throw in veggies from the garden, or whatever is in season from the produce section. Typically it's onion, squash/zucchini, bell pepper and some red potato. If you use potatoes I put them in first because they take much longer to cook than the rest. Serve over rice if your family likes that sort of thing. My kids hate rice. I really don't know who they belong to.  This reheats well for lunch or dinner leftovers.

9/2--Seasoned chicken thighs seared hard in a cast iron skillet and then finished in the oven. While they are finishing in the oven (350 degrees) I make the risotto (follow the recipe on the arborrio rice container, with a splash of heavy whipping cream at the end, and a handful of freshly grated parm). I like to pair a lighter veggie with this so I do a quick asparagus saute.  And, the kids don't like risotto so they get boxed mac and cheese. Merce has pitching lessons on Monday, so this is something that I start about 4pm. It all reheats well so eating after lessons isn't a problem.

9/3--First football game of the season! Jax is playing 5-6th grade football, as a 6th grader for the first time in several years. He tried it once, but it just wasn't for him and he's a total soccer player. He decided he wanted to kick for the football team this year, but surprise! There's no kickers until 7th grade. So he will try out wide receiver, and whatever the defensive person is called that guards the receivers. Sorry, I'm not a football fan either. lol. So anyway, perfect day for Leftovers! Also to clean out the freezer, so anything that survived the weekend lunches and snacks is fair game.

9/4--This is where it gets fun. Crunchwraps! I put a little plus sign by it to remind me to make extra taco meat. I mean, there's really not much of a difference between cooking 2# of meat and cooking 4-5# of meat. I brown 5# of ground beef and add taco seasoning packets PLUS a can of enchilada sauce (medium for us). The extra taco meat I spread on a cookie sheet and let it cool, then pack it up in a Freezer Ziplock (I've found brand name is best for freezing), squish it flat, seal and toss in the freezer. The Key is making sure it's cool before it goes in the bag. Crunchwraps are always a hit here! We follow this recipe:

9/5--Buffalo Balls are actually a low carb recipe I found that everyone in the family will eat! We follow this recipe: and serve with sides that you would have with hot wings, like french fries. I buy those HUGE bags of french fries to last the 5 of us about a month. And we cook them in the air fryer. Fries in the air fryer are THE BEST. Seriously.  Buffalo Balls reheat well too! You'll also notice we eat a lot of works for us.

9/6--Popcorn chicken is something Jax requests every month. I aim to make extras each time to reuse within two days, and just refrigerate between uses. I use a simple breading, an fry in a heavy bottomed dutch oven filled with veg oil. I love my air fryer but not for this.  This isn't the healthiest of meals, but I'll pair it with a potato casserole, some people call them funeral potatoes I think....and some call them harvest potatoes.  And another salad.

9/7--Enchiladas, beans and rice. This is everyone's all time favorite. And I make extra homemade refried beans to use later in burritos and as a side dish.  Find the recipe for beans and rice here:
and the enchiladas here: .  Yes, that's a food blog I used to have. I wish I could keep it up...I love cooking!

9/8--We are using those leftovers! Chef salad is so quick and easy for them to customize according to their own likes. We usually have: lettuce, spinach, hard boiled eggs, cheese, croutons, black olives, green olives, ham (sliced lunch meat), carrots, the chicken, etc.  This is also Jax's first Fall season baseball game and Merce has fast-pitch practice so we need something fast!

9/9--In August we had spaghetti and meatballs, and I made extra to freeze. I will use those in these meatball subs! I use the Pioneer Woman's recipe for spaghetti and meatballs. She's one of my favorite people ever. Maybe someday she will be at the Mercantile when Merce & I are there, and we will both stand there staring unable to make words come out.

9/10--Football games are out of town alot so we have leftovers. And in our area, there's nothing to eat in the little towns we travel to for sports. So that helps us to just come home and eat leftovers.

9/11--The kids have church and I teach a class on Wednesday nights, so we have quick and easy days again. Burritos made with leftover beans, taco meat, rice, and anything else mexican-ish you might have on hand.  I love to top them with enchilada sauce and bake them but you can also just microwave them. Here's another post on burrito making

9/12--baseball and softball practice both, but lasagna it is! Garlic bread is usually from the freezer section around here. But if you want to bake your own, power to you.  Make extra HB meat and stick it in the freezer for Sunday.

9/13--pizza. And usually we just buy frozen pizza because we are all obsessed with the cheap Totino's pizza. And at $4 for a box of 4 at our local commissary, you just can't beat it.

9/14--The grandparents have the children. So dinner is their problem. #thankyounanaandpapa #sanityrestored

9/15--more ball games! So we will have chili. If you browned extra beef on Thursday then chili will be so easy. Dump stuff in a crockpot in the morning and stir it here and there throughout the day. Eat when you can, cool and freeze leftovers in ziplocks just like the taco meat!

9/16--Quesadillas. Use up some more of that taco meat you made earlier in the month and froze! We just grab a tortilla, load it with cheeses and meat/chicken, top it with more cheese and another tortilla and sear both sides.

9/17--Jalapeno Popper Chicken. I got this from pinterest. I love pinterest!  It's also a keto recipe.

9/18--Wednesday = Leftovers

9/19--Hot Wings! My kids will devour hot wings like their lives depend on it. It doesn't matter how many I make, there's never a wing left over.

9/20--Grilled chicken caprese with salad and corn on the cob. Usually on weekends we have more involved dinners...depending on the sports schedule. Here's the recipe:

9/21--Chicken thighs again. The husband and I love chicken thighs, and they are so cheap!  We will serve with a lemon garlic pasta, garlic bread, and more salad. Apparently we like garlic around here too.  Pasta recipe:

9/22--Chicken soft tacos. This couldn't be easier. Cook chicken boobs in the crockpot with a package of taco seasoning and a can of enchilada sauce. When they are cooked through, use the mixer to shred and put the meat back in the sauce to soak up all that goodness. Then use in tacos. This freezes really well, just like the taco meat above.

9/23--Leftovers because football moved to Monday and it's the oldest kiddos 17th birthday. So really, we will go out to eat after football anywhere the man-child desires.

9/24--who doesn't love a good breakfast for dinner?

9/25--remember that chili you froze? heat it up and throw it on some hotdogs. Easy meal.

9/26--Beef Teriyaki over rice. This is my families least favorite night, but one of my favorites. This isn't exactly the recipe I use, but it's very close:

9/27--it's blank. That means they all fend for themselves and do whatever they want. My kids have come to love the blank day of the month. They can eat anything. Cereal. Fruit. Gunner likes to make egg sandwiches. Vienna sausages....whatever their little hearts desire.

9/28--Beef Stew. Oh well all love a good beef stew right? And have our favorite recipes, usually passed down from Grandma. Well, I love Pioneer Woman's Sunday Night Stew! It has turnips instead of potatoes so it freezes really well. And I will make a double batch, just to freeze some and use in Shepard's Meal in October.

9/29--Freezer Clean out. Free for all as long as it comes from the freezer.

9/30--Leftovers. Yes, basically two days in a row. But it's a football day. And maybe, just maybe we will go out to eat this one day of the month (birthday celebrations excluded)

Did you read ALL of that?! Congratulations if you did! I hope this comes in handy. I like to menu plan two months at a time....I started in August and went through September. In a couple weeks, I'll start on October. My husband thinks I'm crazy....but I know I'm being frugal. So I can spend money on kids clothes. and shoes. ;)

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Merce wants join our team!

It's that time again! We are looking for Team Members, and have expanded our search to not just size 12m - 12y, but from size 6m and up! Boys and Girls!  It's so exciting, and a huge hint about what's to come this Fall and Winter. 😉

Something a little different this term is that we are asking our team members to utilize social media platforms, including pinterest! But no worries, we will totally help you learn Pinterest if you need help...or maybe you're already a guru and want to help us learn it more?! 

Professional Photography is NOT required, we just ask that you have a love for Merce & Me &/or JAX, have styling skills, and a kiddo that genuinely loves to rep. 

Why join Merce & Me + JAX teams? 
 We provide items, camaraderie, support, editing if you need/want, and....I mean I may be biased but we are totally fun.
No purchase minimums.
Plus you get a personal discount. A share code. Insider information about what is coming. But most of all, we will invite you into the family.
It's always more than clothes.

There's a catch though! The deadline is tomorrow. The search closes when Friday 7/19/19 ends. 
Term starts August 1. 

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Back to School with Merce (& me!)

It's about that time again. Within the next 6 weeks, Merce & I both will be heading back to school! Merce is going to conquer the 3rd grade; I'm going to attempt to conquer teaching basic Stats & Assessment to psych grad students.....I'm not sure which of us will have more fun. 

BUT I do know which of us will be going back to school in style....and it's not me!

Red Bonnie Flutter Tank
B2S Ava Ruched Leggings
My Little Sugarbug Boutique Necklace
Bugga Boo Bow Molly
©2019 Merce & Me, LLC 
Merce will be going back to school sporting our custom Back to School sketch print in Ava Ruched Leggings, Pretty Pearl Dresses, Bonnie Flutter Tanks and our newest style the Twirl Skirt! The Ava Ruched leggings have the same fit that you've come to love in our leggings, and will be available in sizes 2 - 12y.  

Red Bonnie Flutter Tank 
B2S Twirl Skirt & Red Stripe Baseball socks 
My Little Sugarbug Boutique Necklace 
Bugga Boo Bow Molly 
©2019 Merce & Me, LLC 
Merce loves these Twirl skirts so much! She's been asking for them for a good year now, and is so excited they are finally here! The final product will have a slight change from this one....the waistband will be 2" elastic instead of 1", and full disclosure, we "hemmed" this one to the correct length.  The final product has been inspected, and it's currently in production right now with the rest of our back to school items! (and some basic staple pieces you're going to NAVY items!)

Twirl skirts will be available in sizes 2 - 12y...check out the size chart for best fit and remember the elastic is stretchy! You should be able to easily size up for extra length, and while we love a skirt to fit right at the belly button for a high-waisted look, your girl can wear hers higher or lower to help with length too!

The Bonnie Flutter tanks are also the same fit as our previous releases, and will be available in sizes 12m - 12y. Sage here is sporting a size 4 at approximately 43#, 44".  AND she's wearing a size 4 in our new Iris Ruffle Leggings in Black! 

Back to School Bonnie Flutter tank
Iris Ruffle Leggings in Black
Livi & Luca shoes
Bugga Boo Bows red dot Molly
©Merce & Me, LLC 
Iris Ruffle Leggings will be available in sizes 12m - 10y on Monday, 7/8/19 with the rest of our back to school items ..and so will our other two styles of pants, the Ava Ruched Leggings and Bettie Buttons Leggings! Yep. Bettie Buttons are now a full length legging too! Both Black and Green coordinate with our back to school pieces! 

Back to School Pretty Pearl Dress 
Bettie Buttons Leggings in Green 
Livi & Luca shoes 
Bugga Boo Bows red dot Molly
©Merce & Me, LLC 

Let's take a better look at these sweet little leggings....

Back to School Pretty Pearl Dress 
Bettie Buttons Leggings in Green 
Livi & Luca shoes 
©Merce & Me, LLC

I love them so much! Bettie Buttons leggings will be available in sizes 2 - 12y. Sage is wearing the Green Bettie Buttons leggings with her Back to School Pretty Pearl dress, also in a size 4.  This fun school themed dress is so much fun to style. It can be worn with any type of our leggings, with ruffle or button shorties, or none of the above! 

Here Sage is wearing Bettie Buttons shorties in black with her B2S Pretty Pearl dress. Our Pretty Pearl dresses all have the same sizing, and run slightly generous as to achieve the loose comfortable fit typical of the Pearl styles. This Pearl will be available in sizes 12m - 10y.
Back to School Pretty Pearl Dress 
Livi & Luca shoes 
Bugga Boo Bows red dot Molly
©Merce & Me, LLC

We aren't done yet! There's ONE more piece in production for our Back to School Presale! The JAX Short Sleeve Henley in Light Blue!  This Henley will directly coordinate with the Back to School girls printed items, and will also be totally wearable on it's own!  Our short sleeve Henley shirts will all feature a printed logo on the sleeve and logo buttons, in black for this colorway!  JAX Henleys will be available in sizes 2 - 14y for all your boys! 

©Merce & Me, LLC 

Need sizing help? We completely understand. Here's a size chart: 

We have so many new styles and items coming this Fall, including our first four late Summer Ivy Cable Knit socks! And yes! Navy and White are both on the list! We've heard you asking, and we've got them coming. We love to hear our customers wishes and input; don't be shy about sharing!

So let's recap:

Back to School Presale
Monday, 7/8/19
7pm CST

Girl Items:
Back to School Pretty Pearl (sz 12m - 10y)
B2S Bonnie Flutter Tank (sz 12m - 12y)
B2S Ava Ruched Leggings (sz 2 - 12y)
B2S Twirl Skirt (sz 2 - 12y)
Iris Ruffle Leggings in Green and Black (sz 12m - 10y)
Ava Ruched Leggings in Green and Black (sz 2 - 12y)
Bettie Buttons Leggings in Green & Black (sz 2 - 12y)

Boy Items:
JAX Short Sleeve Henley in Light Blue (sz 2 - 14y)


If you haven't signed up for emails yet you might consider it because some very important information will be coming out soon! ;)

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Merce + Summer Treats

It's not always clothes around here! We are excited to bring you (hopefully) helpful tips and entertainment through our blog, as well as children's clothing related entries.

It's the 4th of July, and we are all about celebrating Independence Day!  Our day always starts with a local fishing derby at 0430...which is SO EARLY.  We make sure to do any cooking the day before because no one is any good by dinner time. 😂 One of our favorite treats for the 4th of July (and every other day) is Fruit Pizza.  The best part, other than it's yummy goodness, is that the kids can pretty much make it themselves! At least they can do the hard parts.

We start with a package of premade cookie dough....if they don't have the tubes, you can just get the package of individual cookies and roll them into one piece. We use a pizza stone for this (and just about everything else! This pizza stone is VERY well-loved). 

I have discovered it's much easier to generously flour the stone and the top of the dough as you roll it out. I've also discovered that I cannot roll dough of any kind into a circle. I have to roll it into a rectangle-type shape and then form it into a circle with my hands.

Don't forget to poke it several times with a fork before baking!
Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 16-20 min (depending on how done or chewy you like yours) or until light golden brown.

While it's baking start the "sauce"'s just half a block of softened cream cheese (4 oz), 1 tsp  vanilla, 2 TBSP sugar, and a container of Cool Whip. Beat the cream cheese, vanilla and sugar until well mixed and then carefully fold in the Cool Whip. 

Let your crust cool and then spread with your cream cheese 'sauce'. This is when it gets fun for the kiddos.  We grabbed in season fruit + cans of mandarin oranges; they cleaned and chopped the fruit and drained the oranges. 

Look closely back there at the, not the side with the magnets and school schedules from 2016, the front! We use dry erase markers to record the weekly menu. No more kiddos incessantly asking what's for dinner. Now they ask, and we just point to the fridge. Don't even have to say a word. If there were a Nobel for parent hacks, we'd be in the running for sure. 
I'm also proud to say, that I stepped away from my helicopter momming, and let them cut together, on the same cutting board, with real knives. And no one got hurt.  Also, see that cutting board? It's FABULOUS,  the Old Burl over at The Knotty Burl made it for me. Also, the Old Burl is my husband. It's an amazing situation because I get all the prototypes of new items.

Anyhow, check out these knife skills. Merce cuts fat chunks, Jax cuts paper thin slices. That sums up their personalities perfectly. 

We ended up with some GIANT blueberries, blackberries they cut in half, the drained mandarin oranges, and inconsistently sliced strawberries. Those blackberries were just gorgeous. 

All they have to do now is arrange the fruit and voila! Pizza is served! And since it's fruit....leftovers for breakfast are perfectly acceptable. Right?  

Clearly they (we) started eating before I remembered to get a picture. Oopsie. But this way you can see the thickness of the cookie crust that we like.  This is definitely one of our most frequently made treats for summer. Mostly because the oven time is pretty limited and its nice and cool to eat! 

Friday, June 21, 2019

JAX + Mimi

I know we JUST introduced you to JAX earlier this week, but we are so excited for you all to meet our newest dress style, Mimi, releasing  on the website Monday 6/24/19 at 7pm CST!

Almost all of our Merce & Me styles are named after family members...and Mimi is no exception! Named after Merce's paternal Great Grandmother Mimi, this dress is sophisticated in a casual sort of way, structured while comfortable, easy to dress up or down, and made of high quality knit to stand the test of time and playing children. This is the perfect dress style to have Mimi's name.

Our absolute favorite part of this dress is the back. That sweet little cut out and tie closure just melts our hearts. And some light smocking in the back helps with fit as she grows! 

Patriotic Mimi dresses
Baseball Striped Socks -- Red
Hazel socks
©Merce&Me, LLC 2019

Red White and Blue is always near and dear to us, so it's just fitting for the debut of Mimi to be full-on RWB!

 Patriotic Mimi Dress
Merce & Me Hazel Socks
Bow from Bugga Boo Boutique
Shoes: Old Navy
©Merce&Me, LLC 2019
This little beauty is Merce's cousin, and wearing a size 4 Mimi at approximately 44", 45# with her Hazel socks worn straight up, and red Old Navy clogs.  That amazing bow on her head is a Jack & Jill set from Bugga Boo Boutique.  If you haven't had a Bugga Boo Bow, you are totally missing out....they are like little works of art! 

Patriotic Mimi Dress 
Bow from Bugga Boo Boutique 
©Merce&Me, LLC 2019

We also love how our Bettie Buttons shorties in Royal and Red perfectly match this Mimi dress, along with our Red Rosie Ruffle shorties and red Ava Ruched Capris! So many options for layering so she can wear all  year, and as a tunic when she hits her summer growth spurt. 

Merce & Me Patriotic Mimi dress
Merce & Me Royal Bettie Buttons shorties
American Beauty Tassel Necklace from My Little Sugarbug Boutique 
©Merce&Me, LLC 2019

This 10 year old gorgeous girl is another one of Merce's cousins and took a different approach to Mimi, showing it's versatility perfectly. She paired with Royal Bettie Buttons shorties, a patriotic necklace from My Little Sugarbug Boutique, one of our white 5" Bestie Bows, and white Chucks with little gold stars. She is approximately 51" and 80# wearing a size 8. Let's take a closer look at the necklace AND this gorgeous girl. Those freckles!! 😍 

Merce & Me Patriotic Mimi
5" Bestie Bow in White
Patriotic Necklace from My Little Sugarbug Boutique 
©Merce&Me, LLC 2019

 Merce absolutely loves the necklaces made by Jennifer at My Little Sugarbug Boutique. She loves the fun bright color combinations, and especially loves the breakaway clasp that she can put on and take off herself.  And there's no shortage of Red White and Blue designs in her Etsy shop, which makes my heart happy! 

©Merce&Me, LLC 2019

These girls were SUCH troopers! If you are familiar with Oklahoma at all, you know the wind is two things: always blowing, and unpredictable. We had a bit of both come visit us in this shoot.  Merce might get the award for craziest hair here, but we are loving her choice of our red stripe baseball socks and chucks with her Mimi!  Merce wears a size 10 Mimi at 75#, 54".

Mimi releases Monday, 6/24/19 at 7pm CST along with the debut of our brother line, JAX!  We may be partial, because these are two of our three favorite kiddos on the planet...but we think Mimi and our blue JAX Tattered Flag tee look pretty darn good together. 

©Merce&Me, LLC 2019

Mimi sizes: 2 - 12
JAX tee sizes: 12-18m - Adult Medium